We offer a full range of DevOps solutions that allow you to focus on what's most important for your business- sales, product development, and customer service.

DevOps Bodyleasing

With Go2ops, you have the flexibility to hire individual DevOps Specialists or an entire DevOps team, bypassing the lengthy and often complex recruitment process.

CI/CD Setup

We provide full management of CI/CD processes to deploy versions of your applications quickly and reliably.

Infrastructure Management and Automation

Using tools like Terraform or CloudFormation, we manage your configuration, deliver virtual machines, and integrate with the cloud provider's API interfaces.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We work with all main public clouds GCP, AWS, Azure. We manage cloud resources, automate scaling based on usage patterns, and implement cloud native tools

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

We create disaster recovery plans, back up data, utilize redundancy and failover mechanisms, and integrate with other disaster recovery tools.

Monitoring and Logging Diaries

We configure monitoring tools, set up alerts, collect and analyze logs, and use APM tools to provide comprehensive management.

E-commerce Optimization

Thanks to our proven solutions, we optimize the operation and costs of stores based on WooCommerce and Magento technology.

Kubernetes and Container Orchestration

We create and manage Docker images, deploy and scale applications in containers, and integrate with container management tools.

Database Management and Optimization

We manage and optimize databases, create backups and recovery processes, and use tools for database migration to streamline operations.

IT Security

We implement best practices and industry standards, regularly conduct vulnerability scanning and penetration tests, and manage compliance audits and reporting.

Application Performance Optimization

We identify performance bottlenecks, optimize server-side code, use caching, and CDNs to improve response times.

Quality Assurance

We offer comprehensive quality assurance services, automatic tests, performance tests, penetration tests, and code quality analysis. All to ensure that your applications are reliable and efficient.


Oszczędzaj koszty, automatyzuj swoje procesy!

We are here to boost your business with top-notch DevOps services. From cloud computing to automation – our team of experts will help you optimize operations and outpace the competition.