In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, delivering a smooth and dependable shopping experience to your customers is the ultimate key to success. Go2ops, with its profound technological expertise, commits to comprehensive optimization of your commercial platform, ensuring excellence in every aspect. How do we accomplish this?

1. Page Performance and Loading Optimization

Swift page loading forms the bedrock of a flourishing online store. We support you through:

  • Page Caching: Ensuring visitors receive ready-to-display data with minimal delays.
  • Buforowanie w przeglądarce: Facilitating faster page loading during repeat visits by customers.
  • HTML, CSS, JS Minimization: Streamlining and simplifying code to boost website performance.
  • Image Optimization: Reducing image sizes without compromising quality for expedited page loading.
  • Implementation of Expiring Headers: Empowering effective browser cache management.
  • GZip Compression: Significantly reducing load times for compressed files.

2. Continuous Monitoring and Enhanced Security

We vigilantly observe your website, guaranteeing uninterrupted availability and unwavering security. Our offerings encompass:

  • Security and Performance Audits: A thorough analysis of your site for potential threats and areas requiring improvement.
  • Round-the-clock Platform Monitoring and Notifications: Utilizing tools like Prometheus, Grafana, or Datadog to monitor your store’s performance and send alerts regarding errors and failures.
  • Application Performance Management (APM) Tools: Harnessing solutions such as New Relic and AppDynamics to analyze application performance, identifying and resolving potential issues.

3. Databases – the Core of Your E-Commerce

Protecting and optimizing databases stands as a critical imperative for any online store. We provide:

  • Backup and Recovery: Ensuring the security of your data through regular backup creation.
  • Performance Enhancement: Elevating your database’s efficiency through indexing and query optimization.
  • Protection Against Threats: Safeguarding your database against potential vulnerabilities, including the implementation of firewalls.
  • Database Migration Tools: Employing Flyway and Liquibase to ensure seamless updates to your database structure.

With Go2ops, your e-commerce platform doesn’t just become faster; it also achieves superior reliability and security. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and witness the transformation firsthand!


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